My Book: ExtJS 4 First Look

Hi folks,

I’m very happy to announce that my book: ExtJS 4 First Look is released for pre order now.

The book is going to be out in November/2011. Currently is in review phase and I think they are going to release the RAW as well.

I’ve been working on this book since March, when Sencha released the Ext 4 preview version. If you follow me on twitter or follow the updates on my blog, you know I am in love with Ext JS.

This book has been a challenge for me, first because it is a book, it is huge deal; second because it is something new on the market (ExtJS has been on the market for a few years, but there is a lot of new cool features in Ext4), so I am studying a lot all these new features and third because I wrote the book in English, which is not my first language (I’m from Brazil, so my mother language is Portuguese-Brazil) . But so far did not get any complain from the editors about English errors (which is a big Yay for me!).

In my family, I’m part of the first generation that could go to college, so writing and publising a book in a foreign language is a super ultra mega huge deal, and my parents are very very proud. So is my husband, who was/is really patient through out all this process.

I also would like to thank everyone for the support and ideas for the book! Thank you very much! :)

Well, about the book: this is a book for developers who already know some Ext JS. This book highlights the new features from Ext JS 4, there are some example comparing how something was done in Ext 3 and how you should do in Ext 4. So if you do not have any knowledge about Ext JS, this is not the book for you.

The book is driven by examples. So to explain something, I present an example and a screenshot of the output of the code and then I explain what the code does. It is pretty much what I usually do here on my blog, but with more details.

I put so much work and love in this book and I hope you enjoy it. I can’t wait November to have a print edition on my hands! :)

Link for the book page:

The book is also available at Amazon:

Happy Coding!

Update – January 2012:

For all people asking me when the book is going to be available: I got in touch with someone from Packt and they said to me they had an internal problema with the release of some books, including mine. Their answer is that the book is going to be published this month (January 2012 – I do not have the exact date). I apologize to everyone that already bought the book and did not get it yet.

But you have to understand that I am just the author of the book, I do not control the publishing process, these things are not up to me. I am also really hoping that this book is going to be published soon.

56 thoughts on “My Book: ExtJS 4 First Look

  1. Congratulations on your book.happy to hear that a non-english programmer has made his way on the first book regarding extjs 4.i was waiting for the book and im happy for myself ,you and your family.

  2. AWESOME!  Can’t tell you how much I’ve anticipated this book.  Congratulations, and I look forward to diving in this weekend.  

  3. Hello. Congrats, I want read your book. :)

    But… I try pre-order it on PacktPub, but I cant select US Dollars, just Pounds =/ I don’t want pay in Pounds XD

    Anyway, can I pay to you via PayPal and you sendme the PDF by email? 😛

    1. Hi yyeshua,
      When you open the book page, you can select US Dollars instead of pounds. After doing it, you can add to the shopping cart and will charge in dollars.
      Thanks! Hope you like the book! :)

  4. Finallly I pre-order it on Pounds, i has contact the PacktPub Support, and they say to me than only the US Customers can pay on Dollars, the Customers to other countries must pay on GBP, so, I do it.

    Thanks, and I’m waiting for the eBook. 😀

  5. Hi, Congrats !!!!
    I ‘m keen to read the book,
    I’ working in Ext js 4 mvc architecture, hope i would find the lots of examples in this book.

  6. Hola, yo compré el libro el 26 de octubre a través de internet en Packt y aparentemente me llegaba el 20 de noviembre, pero aún sigo esperando =(

    Si se puede hacer algo al respecto, gracias!!

  7. Hi.. I’m some worried…. The book realese date it’s 09 Dec 2011, today is 12 Dec 2011… what happend with de book realese??? =/

  8. Hi Loiane

    Preordered the book last month 01.11.2011 @packt publishing. Any news on when we can count on receiving it….

  9. I checked the status of this book, before showing “Expected” and now displays “Published” then I understood that the book was ready to download because they changed the state.
    I need the book because I am developing a project with Extjs 4 and I don´t find enough examples in that version. The only hope is this book because the documentation of Sencha is not good. Help us, please.

  10. Hi

    somehow my last comment/question I posted here last week on this forum got lost. Just wanted to know till when can we count with recieving this book. We had pre-ordered with packtpub on 01.11.2011. Thanks a lot for your response.

    Best regards

  11. Hi Loiane,

    I asked to Packt about this book and they said me that the book will be ready until January, but we don´t know the exact date. Do you know something?


  12. Hello!

    I realized the payment on October 26, it’s been two months, while if he had known it would take at least six months believe me I would have bought other books while waiting for it .

    A bit more seriously and give an exact release date of the book, because if so, would be the last time I buy a Packt book.


  13. The ebook isn’t even available yet – Loiane how you you feel if you were continually told nonsense about when a proiduct would arrive after having paid good money for it weeks ago?

    1. Hi everyone,
      I finished reviewing the book a while ago. The PDFs are ready. It was told me that the book was going to be published on Dec 26th, but so far, nothing.
      I apologize, but I also do not know the status of the book. I hope it is going to be publish soon.
      I recommend to send an email for packt explaining you bought the book a few months ago and the book is not publish yet. I am doing the same!

  14. Hi Loiane, I emailed Packt and the response was:
    “This title is now expected to be published by mid of January 2012.” I asked if they could at least allow a download of the draft PDF, but was told they can’t (“we do not have a RAW version”). It would be nice if they made an effort to release the PDF somehow (Manning books does a great job at that); or some compensation.

    1. Hi everyone,
      Good news!
      The book has finally been published!
      You will be receiving it soon. If you got the ebook, you can download it now!

  15. dear Loiane,

    i am totally new to ExtJS 4, do you recommend you book for somebody who has no experience with ExtJS 3 ??

    thank you,

    1. Hi micha,
      I do not cover all the ExtJS components in the book because some of them did not change so much, or it is internally changes.
      There is a lot of comparison in the book between ExtJS 4 and ExtJS 3, and it is more focused on the differences.
      For example, in the grids part, I do not teach how a grid work and why, it is just focused on the differences. But there are some chapters that I explain from the begining, such as data package, class system, layouts, themes, mvc.
      So, to be honest, if you totally newbie to ExtJS, I would not recommend this book to learn ExtJS 4. However, there are some parts that are for newbies.
      My intention when I wrote this book was to be a quick reference for people that already has some background and want to be updated to work with ExtJS 4. As some parts of the framework are totally new, I teach from the begining. But others, I just cover the differences.
      The reason why is because there are tons of tutorials on the web teaching how a grid or a tree or a form works. And this has not been changed from Ext 3 to Ext 4.
      Best regards,

  16. Hi Loiane, I bought the eBook today, thanks for the great work. I’ve already read through the first 60 pages :)

    @micha: I’m new to ExtJS too, the book is great. I’ve dabbled a bit with the samples from the Sencha website and had quite a hard time finding the information I needed.
    The book is really good (compared to that other german Ext 4 book one I have, this one is much better).

  17. Hello,
    I orderered the book in November, and the deliveresi is pushed later and later in the last 2 months. How can I receive the pdf ebook?

  18. Dear Loiane,

    The book is great.

    Do you have any plans for publishing on items like Field Authorizations, Dependencies and Validations?

    Thanks again for the great work.


    1. Hi Anibal,
      Thanks! I’m glad you liked the book!
      Yes, I am planing to publish some tutorials to complement the book.
      Best regards

  19. Loiane,

    While working through the example code in chapter 7 (p276) I found a bug (at least I can’t get it to work) with using resultQuery[i].body.highlight(). Firebug is giving me an error and a warring message. The script then crashes. Here are the messages:

    Element referenced by ID/NAME in the global scope. Use W3C standard document.getElementById() instead.
    resultQuery[i].body is undefined
    [Break On This Error]

    resultQuery[i].body.hightlight(colors[i], {duration:

    Is this error unique to me or have others reported it? If a valid error, do you have a fix?



  20. Loiane,

    I was able to get your example code on page 276 working with the following adjustments:

    // Just uncomment the query you want to play with
    //var resultQuery = Ext.ComponentQuery.query(‘panel[title=”Panel 1″]’);
    //var resultQuery = Ext.ComponentQuery.query(‘#panel2Id’);
    //var resultQuery = Ext.ComponentQuery.query(‘panel[height=”120″]’);
    //var resultQuery = Ext.ComponentQuery.query(‘#myWindow panel’);
    //var resultQuery = Ext.ComponentQuery.query(‘#myWindow > panel’);
    //var resultQuery = column.query(‘> panel’);
    //var resultQuery = column.child(‘panel[title=”Panel 2″]’);
    //var resultQuery = Ext.ComponentQuery.query(‘panel’);
    //var resultQuery = column.down(‘panel[title=”Panel 4″]’);
    var resultQuery = panel3_1.up(‘panel’);

    var colors = [‘#ACFA8A’, ‘#F4FA8A’, ‘#FAB38A’, ‘#8AE9FA’, ‘#CA8AFA’, ‘#AA8AFB’];
    if(Ext.isArray(resultQuery)) {
    for(var i = 0; i < resultQuery.length; i++) {
    if(resultQuery[i].alternateClassName == 'Ext.Panel') {
    resultQuery[i].body.highlight(colors[i], {
    duration : 10000
    } else {
    if(resultQuery.alternateClassName == 'Ext.Panel') {
    resultQuery.body.highlight(colors[1], {
    duration : 10000


  21. Loiane,

    I was able to get your MVC conversion working up until page 294, the last step as it were. I am getting the error: this.getPanel() is undefined when I select a row. I don’t see in my code where I’ve missed anything. Is anyone else reporting an issue getting the detailPanel to populate?



    1. Hi Richard,
      No, you are the first person who reported this issue to me.
      When I wrote the book, I used versions 4.0.x, which version are you using?

  22. Hello Loiane. Congrats. You had done very good job. And thank you very much for providing this Excellent book for EXTJS.

  23. Loiane –

    Eu queria dizer o que é um livro maravilhoso que você escreveu, e dizer o quanto eu gostei. Ótimo trabalho!

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